Read the Report of our Policy Workshop “How to make pesticides and herbicides unnecessary through the redesign of farming systems?” held in Brussels on the 10th of February 2022

How to best accompany European farmers towards the adoption of alternative methods to control pests, diseases and weeds and contribute to their autonomy, increase or maintain their income and improve the environmental impact of their farming systems?

Facing big challenges, such as the protection of biodiversity and water quality, public health, food security and adaptation and mitigation to climate change, Agroecology Europe organised a Policy Workshop on the 10th of February 2022 in Brussels. The workshop brought together members of different European Commission DGs, Members of the European Parliament, farmers, European experts, and Agroecology Europe Board members to think about change in practical terms and define roadmaps for the adoption of relevant support measures for the agroecological transition in Europe. The discussions have been moderated by Alexander Wezel, Vice-President of Agroecology Europe and Research Director at ISARA-Lyon, France.