European Elections 2024: A Call for Unity and Collective Action for Agroecology

Brussels, 11 June 2024

The results of the European elections have brought notable and unprecedented changes in the political composition of the European Parliament, a key institution of European integration. The rise and overrepresentation of nationalist movements is a reminder that Europe needs a global, united vision and must work “united in diversity” while respecting the rule of law and democratic processes.

The responsibilities are immense at a time of socioeconomic and environmental changes. We urge all newly elected MEPs to address root causes based on facts and science, and to take stock of the real threats to Europeans: climate change and biodiversity loss, and their cascading socio-economical consequences. Agroecology Europe commits to actively participate in ensuring that our political leaders are held accountable and supporting them in making decisions that serve the common good and not the interests of a few.

To forge a resilient future for Europe, we must prioritise:

    • The restoration of biodiversity and climate adaptation and mitigation,
    • Dignified working conditions and fair income for farmers and farm workers,
    • Social equity and accessibility of healthy and sustainable food for all,
    • Generational renewal of agriculture and rural areas,
    • Fair trading practices in Europe and worldwide,
    • Improving farm autonomy and reducing external chemical inputs such as pesticides.

For all these priorities, agroecology provides a practical solution.

We call on MEPs to acknowledge these realities and defend the common interest of present and future generations. We also call on all citizens to engage in these collective challenges and to join our Association to amplify the movement for agroecology in Europe.

Together, let’s build a sustainable and fair future for all.