Month of Agroecology

Exploring the 13 Principles of Agroecology in Europe October 2021

Agroecology Europe is pleased to announce the launch of the first edition of the “Month of Agroecology”, which will take place throughout October 2021. This one-month event will be an opportunity to explore and deepen each of the 13 principles of agroecology developed by the HLPE (UN High Level Panel for Food Security) in the light of European realities.

Original and accessible content will be shared throughout the Month and make us dive into each of the 13 principles of agroecology. On the agenda: Several webinars, Interviews with key experts, reference articles and videos in order to exchange, learn and build together the future of our farming and food systems.


Why an agroecology month?

There is a clear momentum in favor of agroecology in Europe today. A scientific consensus seems to be emerging at the international level, and we are more and more citizens, farmers and researchers promoting agroecology as a desirable, viable and realistic transition path.

How to best define agroecology? What opportunities can agroecology generate for the future of European farming and food systems? How can we take part in this movement and at what scale(s) should we envisage this transition? This Month of Agroecology will be an opportunity to explore this panorama of solutions at the European level.


Why now?

This fall 2021 is marked by a busy political agenda : World Food Systems Summit, the COP15 at the Convention on Biological Diversity, the presentation of the Strategic Plans on the Common Agricultural Policy, etc. It is therefore essential to place agroecology at the core of international priorities and action strategies! Our voices need to be heard!

Would you like to share your inspiring content and projects on one of the principles? We would love to make this Month of Agroecology a space to share knowledge in our community! Send your suggestions by email to and

The 13 principles of agroecology…
Join us during this month of October 2021 full of activities!