Agroecology Europe is very pleased to share with you its latest released video on biodiversity where you can discover inspiring farmers, market gardeners and dairy farmers who place biodiversity at the heart of their production system.
Between science and practice, this video takes stock of biodiversity in Europe and explores possible transition pathways with Alexander Wezel, director of research at ISARA-Lyon Avignon and vice-president of Agroecology Europe, Jonathan Vericel and Quentin Violet, organic market gardeners at the Ferme des Flam’en vert and Philippe Barral, organic dairy farmer at the GAEC de Charron in the Ain department.
The animal welfare and health, a core principle for agroecology!
Agroecology makes it possible to move away from industrial livestock farming and reintegrate livestock into agroecosystems in order to ensure the well-being and health of animals, humans and ecosystems, while producing healthy, high-quality food and providing ecosystem services.
Let’s find out in this short video with Caroline Roose Member of the European Parliament in the group of the Greens/EFA in the European Parliament what are the current parliamentary actualities on this important topic.
Soil health – A core principle for Agroecology!
Soils are the foundation of our terrestrial ecosystems and soil health is crucial to global food production. In this short video interview with Marc-André Selosse, botanist and mycologist, professor at the Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle (National Museum of Natural History in Paris) let’s discover this complex underground ecosystem on which we depend to feed ourselves.
We will discover how soil health is a fundamental principle of agroecology, what are the threats to soil health in Europe and what are the levers of change to improve soil health in Europe and worldwide.
To learn more on soil health, have a look at Marc-André Selosse’s fascinating book in french : “L’origine du monde: Une histoire naturelle du sol à l’intention de ceux qui le piétinent”
Economic diversification :  to strengthen ecological and socio-economic resilience of farmers and farming systems in Europe – Interview with Olivier Lefebvre
Diversifying on-farm incomes insures greater financial independence and value addition opportunities and enable farmers to respond to demand from consumers. In this short video interview with Olivier Lefebvre, economist and co-founder of Perma-projects, let’s discover how economic diversification strengthens ecological and socio-economic resilience of farmers and farming systems in Europe. The video interview has been realised within the framework of the first edition of the Month of Agroecology with the financial support from the LIFE Program of the European Union, the Fondation de France and the Fondation Ecotone.