Our understanding of agroecology

Agroecology is considered jointly as a science, a practice and a social movement . It encompasses the whole food system from the soil to the organization of human societies. It is value-laden and based on core principles.

Vision of our organization

The Association intends to place agroecology high on the European agenda of sustainable development of farming and food systems. It intends to foster interactions between actors in science, practice and social movements, by facilitating knowledge sharing and action.

Our goals

The Association has a non-profit and international goal. The society aims to analyse, design, develop and promote the transition towards agroecology-based farming and food systems. The overall goal of the Association is to: support agroecological research, education and training.
Today’s vote on the CAP reform in the European Parliament or “How the MEPs gave their consent to a disastrous text for the environment, climate & biodiversity and in total
On the 21st of October 2020, the Spanish team of Agroecology Europe organised a webinar on “Intercropping and best plants associations in Mediterranean crops: increasing yields and preventing pests and
On the 21st of October 2020, Alain Peeters, the Secretary General of Agroecology Europe, hosted a webinar about “The extension of the grazing period in Agroecology”!  The objective of the