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Agroecology Europe Forum, Malmö 2025

The global food system is under increasing pressure to deliver food under current circumstances, characterized by climate change, loss of biodiversity and productive soils, and increased food insecurity. Affected by, and contributing to, multiple crises, food systems must change. Agroecology is a holistic approach to sustainable agriculture and food systems, and offers promising solutions to these urgent global challenges. Understood as a science, practice, and social movement, agroecology is a value-laden approach based on systems thinking and core principles. Agroecological food systems transition has received widespread support on a global and European scale, but is largely missing in the Nordic context.

The Agroecology Europe Forum 2025 (AEEU Forum 25) is an agroecological festival and science conference for food systems transformation taking place in Malmö the 2-4 October 2025. With the theme Transformation in Action!, the vision of the Forum is to create momentum for the European agroecology movement and a proactive and progressive agroecological network in the Nordics.

AEEU Forum 2025 offers a visionary space where the agroecological transition becomes tangible and relatable for everyone, for example by a local farmers’ market on site. Food and art will be powerful tools in this visionary work. The Forum will have a strong social focus, where time, space, and facilitation will be given for networking and relationship building, as well as for healthy and sustainable food, rest, and relaxation. The Forum will be arranged in a central location in Malmö, to bring food and agricultural systems issues to the urban context, to gain visibility and to attract a broad public audience. We want everyone in Malmö, Sweden’s city of food, to get a taste of the food systems transformation that agroecology offers! To build momentum and movement, MiljöMatematik will arrange events leading up to the Agroecology Europe Forum 2025, such as continuous partnership workshops and a Nordic agroecological gathering in spring 2025.

The three days of the Forum will each have their theme. Day 1, Setting the scene, presents the latest news from academia, the field, and the policy sphere, ending with a shared, locally sourced, agroecological dinner. Day 2, Exploring transformative pathways, offers participants four programme pathways to follow. These pathways will be arranged and facilitated by our partners in collaborative stakeholder groups and will include talks, research presentations, field trips, and participatory workshops. The day will finish with artful festivities. Day 3, Converging into action, is all about the way forward and creating action plans for food systems transformation through interactive elements. The Forum will end with tasting various agroecological produce and a closing session.

Be part of transformation in action!

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Every two years, Agroecology Europe organises the Forum together with local farmers, universities, social movements, regional administrations, and non-governmental organisations to foster exchange, reflection, and bottom-up discourse. 

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