Legislation for plants produced by certain new genomic techniques

22nd of July 2022

The Commission is preparing a policy initiative on plants obtained by targeted mutagenesis and cisgenesis. It will also cover food and feed derived from such plants.

Agroecology Europe invites the Commission to ensure that the regulation is
properly applied to all GMOs, including those developed with “new genomic techniques”and calls for maintaining high standards of risk assessment for all GMOs.

See Agroecology Europe’s response to the questionnaire
See Agroecology Europe’s position note on the topic

Sustainable EU food system –new initiative

21st of July 2022

This initiative aims to make the EU food system sustainable and to integrate sustainability into all food-related policies. It will lay down general principles and objectives, together with the requirements and responsibilities of all actors in the EU food system.

More specifically, it will lay down rules on:

  • sustainability labelling of food products
  • minimum criteria for sustainable public procurement of food
  • governance and monitoring.

See Agroecology Europe’s feedback on this regulation proposal

Certification on carbon removals - EU Rules

2nd of May 2022

This initiative will propose EU rules on certifying carbon removals. It will develop the necessary rules to monitor, report and verify the authenticity of these removals.

Agroecology Europe welcomes the opportunity to give feedback on the Commission’s legislative revision on the carbon removal certification framework.

See Agroecology Europe’s feedback on this consultation

Nutrients – action plan for better management​

25th of April 2022

Nutrients (nitrogen & phosphorus) are essential for life and important natural resources. Yet nutrient loss leads to air, soil and water pollution, loss of biodiversity and a wide range of climate-change impacts.

Existing legislation has helped address this problem in recent decades. However, nutrient pollution and inefficiencies in the nutrient cycle require additional action at EU level to improve food security, protect human health and preserve the ecosystem.

See Agroecology Europe’s contribution to the consultation


Soil health – protecting, sustainably managing and restoring EU soils​

15th March 2022

Soils are crucial for food, nature and our economy and deserve the same level of protection as water, air or the marine environment. The aim of the Soil Health Law proposal announced in the EU soil strategy for 2030 is to (i) specify the conditions for a healthy soil (ii) determine options for monitoring soil and (iii) lay out rules conducive to sustainable soil use and restoration.

Agroecology Europe is calling upon the European Commission to adopt a strong EU harmonised legislative approach to address soil and land degradation based on agroecology principles and practices promoting sustainable soil management. See our complete response here.


Conversion to a Farm Sustainability Data Network (FSDN)

2nd July 2021

This initiative will expand the scope of the current network collecting data on EU farms to include data on their environmental and social practices.

With this new data collection, it will be possible to benchmark farm performance and give farmers tailored advice and guidance.

This will improve the sustainability of farmers, including their incomes, in line with the objectives of the common agricultural policy, the Green Deal and its farm to fork and biodiversity strategies.

See Agroecology Europe’s response to this initiative

Safeguarding nature – EU 2030 biodiversity strategy

20th January 2020

Biodiversity underpins human wellbeing but is now under immense pressure from human activities.

This initiative outlines the EU’s ambition for the post-2020 global biodiversity framework to be adopted in October 2020 at the UN Biodiversity Conference in Kunming, China.

See Agroecology Europe’s response to the Roadmap