As members of Agroecology Europe Youth Network (AEEUYN) we are recently working in a project to make an extensive research of some agroecological practices, highlighting the current situation of practical agroecology implementation across twelve European countries. We look forward to publishing our report in the near future and to share our results with interested people and organizations.

Our research has given us the opportunity to observe the existence of numerous agroecological initiatives in the studied area, in such a great number that it would have been impossible to include them all in our report. These initiatives have been developing for decades in different areas, such as academic research, training and education, public policy, or food production and consumption. Step by step, they have overcome difficulties, while building social movements, and generating a very heterogeneous and diverse socio-economic, political and cultural fabric. This interconnected network of organizations, groups, entities and people, is now strongly committed to a single objective: to transform the dominant global agri-food system through a change of paradigm, as well as to build a more sustainable alternative of food production from a social, economic and nenvironmental perspective.

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