A botanical garden dedicated to fruit trees of warm climate

Miguel Cotton created Orchard of Flavours, a botanical garden dedicated to fruit trees of warm climate located in Tavira (Portugal).

The most important goals of this botanical garden are to show which fruit production can be relocated to Europe and to share all the knowledge necessary for the success of their own efforts. Emphasis is placed on the establishment of several varieties of the same species in order to discover different flavors and different maturation periods, as well as to determine the species most suited to the climate or the soil.

“Incredibly impressive garden project with a variety of exotic fruit trees and aiming to find varieties that could be used in the region, taking into account issues such as water scarcity, ecosystem diversity, etc. Miguel’s enthusiasm for trees and plants is contagious and a tour with him through the project is a real experience and very educational!”

Florian ( Pays-Bas, September 2021)

An open source educational project

On www.orchardofflavours.com, you have unlimited access to our resources including techniques, experiments, contacts, articles, and our extensive database of more than 300 planted fruit trees of warm climates (pictures of mature trees and of their fruit, soil, sun and water requirements, etc.)

“We had an inspiring tour through this edible fruit garden after making a quite spontaneous appointment with Miguel, who is a Permaculture teacher. He is enthusiastic about this project, showed us some exotic species, how they were planted, what they would need, different structures and elements being used in the garden to retain water, provide shade or create suitable microclimate, … thanks a lot!”

Hauke (Germany, December 2021)

A botanical garden using agroecological techniques and innovative technologies

Our practices are inspired by agroecology, and research into regenerative farming methods. We also experiment with technologies that can help us increase yield, improve soil microbiology and save water.

On our website, you will find a growing number of documented articles about interesting topics:

  • Maximize your banana production with a Banana Circle
  • Use Biochar to increase soil fertility
  • Drought Tolerant Plants
  • Increase biodiversity with a Miyawaki Edible Forest
  • Protect your soil and discover many mulching techniques
  • Let the beneficial fungi (Mycorrhiza) help the roots of your trees
  • Plant Nitrogen Fixing trees
  • Save Pollinators and plant creeping flowers
  • Save Water and use the best micro-irrigation techniques
  • Vetyver : a miracle grass
  • Create Windbreaks, Create islands of fertility,
  • Use bio stimulants and enhance your plants autonomy
  • …and many more articles soon to come

“Be as useful as a tree! Give life to others; be shelter to everyone; grant fruits to all! Be good like a tree!”

— Mehmet Murat Ildan


Project manager :


Contact information: +32 473 52 20 85 ; miguel@orchardofflavours.org