The Agroecology Europe Barcelona Letter

Citizens, grassroots organisations, scientists, farmers, and policy makers from all over Europe organised the Third Agroecology Europe Forum in Barcelona, World Sustainable Food Capital 2021, and asked for a strong and immediate transformation of the way we eat, the way we work, and the way we live. 

During these three days Agroecology Europe gathered, with the help of sessions moderators and participants, elements that we believe reflect well some of the common recommendations to transform our food systems and promote agroecology and summarised them in the ‘The Agroecology Europe Barcelona Letter’.

Following a participatory process open to Forum participants and Agroecology Europe members, the letter has been revised and finalized and signed by 41 organisations and more than 150 individuals. 

open letter to end blind spots on agro-chemicals

08/11/21 – 28 NGO’S calling EU Decision-Makers to end blind spots on agro-chemicals – it is high time for data collection and publication fit to monitor progress towards the Farm to Fork targets!


Invitation for governments to implement coherent and ambitious policies in fostering the agroecological transition



17/04/2021 Farmers’ organisations, allies and academics addressed this open letter to EU policy makers to underline the key role of small and mediumsized farmers in the resolution of current social, environmental, and foodrelated crises at different scales and levels.


Open letter to EU DECISION-MAKERS on the CAP regulations calling for ambition in trilogues for a green and fair reform of the Common Agricultural Policy

25/03/21 – NGOs from the food, farming, environmental, protected area, animal welfare, development, and public health sectors across the EU representing millions of citizens and farmers, turging EU Decision-makers to deliver an ambitious, green and fair reform of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).