The Association is open to all individuals, groups and institutions interested in promoting agroecology, and aims to define its agenda through their participatory engagement.
Membership is automatic after payment of an annual subscription (civil year).
Membership of the Association consist of six categories:

  • Ordinary Members: 80 Euros
  • Supported Members: 30 Euros (suggested initial amount for supported members but possibility of ‘pay as you wish’)
  • NGO members: 100 Euros
  • Private companies: 160 Euros
  • Sustaining Members: minimum 200 Euros 
  • Honorary Members: free

Ordinary Members: Any individual in Europe or elsewhere interested in the objectives of the Association. Ordinary members include for instance professionals and seniors.
Supported Members: Students (including PhD students), low-income and unemployed people.
Honorary Members: Distinguished persons proposed by the Board. Honorary Members are persons who have made an outstanding contribution to the Association.
Sustaining Members: Organizations or individuals willing to provide financial support for the Association.

How to become a member :
Please pay the membership fee to the following bank account and inform the secretariat  ( and treasurer ( about your payment.
We will then acknowledge your membership once the payment received.
Account holder: Agroecology Europe aisbl
Purpose of use: Membership Agroecology Europe [year] – Your name: XXX
IBAN: BE90 3631 6614 0832
Address :
Rue Cotière, 36
7530 Gaurain-Ramecroix