SOLO - Soils for europe

Soils are under multiple pressures, including climate change, urbanisation, pollution, overexploitation, and biodiversity loss. The specific objectives of the EU Mission ‘A Soil Deal for Europe’ address all these pressures, needing now: actionable research and innovation roadmaps for its concretization; and, an overarching transdisciplinary agenda to identify the thematic and regional trade-offs and synergies that allow the sustainable use, management, and protection of European soils. Defining such an agenda requires the direct involvement of a wide range of stakeholders, bringing together multiple perspectives and ecological, environmental, economic and social contexts. To do that, at the core of SOLO will be the implementation of Think Tanks, one for each Soil Mission objective, with the aim of co-creating knowledge and identifying the knowledge gaps, drivers, bottlenecks, and novel approaches, as well as suggesting KPIs to monitor the progress of the Mission R&I related activities.


Today more than half of the planet’s inhabitants live in cities and this is projected to increase. The world-wide migration of rural people to cities is particularly prominent in West Africa. Especially in LMIC (Low and Middle-Income Countries), the intensification of food systems, as they transition from subsistence to market-oriented production, is typically associated with human health risks. URBANE is addressing this challenge of sustainable agriculture for food nutrition security, applying a One Health approach for tackling issues related to the application & intensification of peri-urban agriculture, as well as providing the necessary framework for its sustainable & safe application in different contexts. To achieve this, the project will be built around the principles of agroecology.

PATH2DEA - Paving the Way towards Digitalisation Enabling Agroecology for European Farming Systems

The potential of agroecological farming systems to master many of today’s challenges to the environment, economy, health, and society can be significantly promoted by coupling with digital tools and technologies. PATH2DEA is committed to unlocking digitalisation’s catalysing power to foster European agriculture’s transition towards enhanced sustainability.

Healthy Municipal Soils (HuMUS)

As part of the EU Soil Mission, Healthy Municipal Soils (HuMUS) project engages and activates municipalities and regions to protect and restore soil health. Municipalities are at the forefront of local soil management, regulation, innovation, and community-building and thus are pivotal to deploying the Soil Mission on the ground. In addition to raising awareness about the importance of healthy soils – the basis of all human economies – the project will empower communities to create suitable local solutions for themselves.

AE4EU - Agroecology for sustainable agricultural and food systems

Agroecology Europe is part of the AE4EU EU Project which will contribute to research and innovation on agroecology development through various strategic goals. Agroecology is emerging as a one-way path for the development of sustainable agricultural and food systems in Europe. However, despite considerable efforts, full implementation is still limited. This project will develop a blueprint for a European network of agroecological living labs, research infrastructure and other related players. Moreover, it will map local-, regional- and national-level innovations and initiatives in various European countries, providing an inclusive and precise overview of agroecology and facilitating the connection of funding schemes and policies. The project will also make recommendations for the improvement of funding for public and private agroecological research.


Agroecology Europe is part of the AGROMIX EU Project which is a research and innovation project that supports the transition towards resilient farming, efficient land use, and sustainable agricultural value chains in Europe. To do so, a team of 28 partners from across the region work with farmers and land managers to create practical tools that support farmers to transition from conventional agriculture towards agroforestry and mixed farming methods, and to generate policy recommendations that would support this transition.

EU LIFE Program

Agroecology Europe is financially supported by the EU LIFE Program, the European Union’s financial instrument supporting environmental, nature conservation and climate action projects. For more information, please visit the dedicated EU Commission webpage.