The Agroecology Europe association held its General Assembly in October 2017, during the Agroecology Forum in Lyon. The activities and budget of the past years were presented and a new Board was elected. The participation was very high and the outputs will serve as a basis for strengthening the strategy and agenda for association.
Members of the Executive Board were elected in January, 2018.
Executive Board Members:
President: Paola Migliorini;
Vice-Presidents: Alexander Wezel, Paolo Barberi;
Secretary and Treasurer: Alain Peeters
All Board members :
Paolo BARBERI, Italy
Stephane BELLON, France
Tomaso GAIFAMI, Italy 
Vasileios GKISAKIS, Greece
Margriet GORIS, The Netherlands
Vincent MELIS, Belgium
Alain PEETERS, Belgium
Jan Douwe VAN DER PLOEG, The Netherlands
Alexander WEZEL, France/Germany
Sustaining members:
GIRAF, Groupe interdisciplinaire de recherche en agroécologie, Belgium

Contact persons

The members of the Board of Agroecology Europe agreed to serve as contact persons for specific aspects of the development of the association. Below, you can find the name and email of the person who may help you regarding specific issues.

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