The BAND "CAJÚ" will be playing at the agroecology europe youth forum

Saturaday night concert on the 10th of September at 21:30

Despite the oceans and the continent that separate them, Cajú weaves and intertwines the rhythms and melodies of the music of Brazil and Reunion. Between samba and maloya, compositions and familiar tunes, let yourself be taken on a journey to the music of the sun and melancholy.


Aurélien Bouayad – Guitar / Vocals
Cassidy Sacré – Bass / Vocals
Luiza Fernandes – Vocal
Natale la Riccia – Drums
Julien Dub – Saxophone / Percussion

Their repertoire consists of original compositions and arrangements from the repertoires of samba, bossa, choro and MPB (Brazil) as well as maloya and sega (Reunion Island), with occasional references to Cuba, Angola and the Antilles.


The documentary-movie "feeding change" will be screened during the agroecology europe youth forum

Friday night movie with discussion on the 9th of September at 21:30

Food is not merely what is on our plates. Far from being just a commodity, to feed oneself  is above all a human right, a cultural asset, and our link to Nature. Behind this simple gesture lie complex structures, linking the earth to the tastebuds of ever more numerous eaters. Today, food systems are subject to an unequal economic model that destroys our environment. Transforming food systems can therefore be a fundamental lever of change for facing the major challenges of our time. 

This documentary, shot on four continents, transports us through the Maasai savannah, the lush gardens of Mayotte and the haciendas of Costa Rica. Our quest for answers takes us to the sound of brass bands at farmers’ markets in the south of France, to coffee in East Timor and to the Guarani philosophy on the plains of the Bolivian Chaco. During this journey, we invite you to draw the contours of a joyful food future.

Realisation : Camille Montocchio (2019)

Production: Agro et Sac à Dos