Participatory field workshop : “How to build an agroecological farm project as young farmers?” on Saturday 8th of October 2022 at Ortofficina Società Agricola (Nova Milanese) – in Italian

On the 8th of October 2022, a participatory field workshop was held at Ortofficina Società Agricola with the aim of sharing information and practical knowledge related to the establishment and management of a collectively-run agroecological farm and facilitating the replication of this model in other places.

Ortofficina Società Agricola is an agroecological and peri-urban farming project established in Nova Milanese, Milano province, Italy. The farm includes 2 hectares of land, obtained through a public tender on social agriculture, for the production of vegetables, honey, herbs, and eggs. As of last year, they acquired additional 1.6 hectares, on which they now grow ancient grains for processing into flour. All products, grown according to organic farming standards, are sold directly at farmgate or through delivery to the local CSA groups. Parallel to the farming activity, the farm is opened up to citizens by implementing job placement paths, educational tours, and events to raise awareness of food production issues.

Have a look at the workshop report to get insights on the field day!