Participatory field workshop : “Seed sovereignty: Just a dream?” on Saturday 22nd of October 2022 at Valdibella Cooperativa Agricola – in Italian

On the 22nd of October 2022, Agroecology Europe Youth Network organized, in collaboration with Valdibella Cooperative, Aterraterra Association and Schola Campesina, a participatory workshop titled “Seed sovereignty: just a dream?” One of the most discussed and controversial issues in agriculture is seed supply and how peasants cannot produce their own seeds while being dependent on big companies. During this workshop, a simple question was discussed, but with the answer not equally easy: How to achieve patent-free agriculture?”.

The event lasted one day. The morning was dedicated to interactive lessons carried out by Cristina Laurenti who introduced the Agroecology Europe Youth Network. Raphael Bueno (Professor of the University of Palermo) explained the anatomy of the seeds, the methods of transportation of them and the challenges we are facing with the loss of biodiversity. Andrea Ferrante (Director of La Schola Campesina) gave an overview of the political situation and contextualized his lectures on the current Italian political
development. Massimiliano Solano (President of the Valdibella Cooperative) explained their story with the ancient grain Timilia and their battle to become a steward of it. Luca Cinquemani and Fabio Aranzulla explained what they are doing with their association Aterreterra.

Read the full report and watch the video of the workshop