Press Release : Agroecology – a path for a sustainable agricultural transition and a tool for peace

Brussels, 17 May 2022

While the war in Ukraine continues to wreak havoc, violence and human disruption, the environmental, social and climatic challenges of Europe also dramatically persist, and the Farm to Fork Strategy (F2F) – which aims to cut the use of pesticides by 50%, fertilisers by 20%, and convert 25% of European agricultural land to organic farming – is now confronted with an additional challenge: rising geopolitical tensions. 

While agribusiness actors are trying to impose harmful narratives on food security, Agroecology Europe recalls the importance of streghtening Europe’s commitment to the Farm to Fork strategy and build the conditions for peace throughout Europe and beyond, and a sustainable and just future for all on the long run.

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Elena Ambühl, EU Affairs Manager