Agroforestry Open Weekend 2023

Celebrating the growing global community of Agroforestry farms and farming - 19TH - 21ST OF MAY 2023

In May, the  3rd Agroforestry Open Weekend will take place.

The event is an identified weekend in the year when farms and other sites with agroforestry planting can be open in co-ordination with each other to welcome visitors. It is grassroots organised, with farmers participating to share knowledge and inform about the agroforestry system. 

The first Agroforestry weekend took place in 2021 with 6 farms, in 2022 it was 10 and this year, about 36 farms across the UK, Ireland and beyond have signed up. 

For more information about agroforestry and the weekend, have a look at the website and if you are interested in taking part, e-mail the organisers at


If this article awakened your interest in agroforestry you may also want to look at the H2020 AGROMIX project, of which Agroecology Europe is a part. In the project, 28 partners work with farmers and land managers to create practical tools that support farmers to transition from conventional agriculture towards agroforestry and mixed farming methods, and to generate policy recommendations that would support this transition.