The Call of proposal for the Agroecology Europe Forum 2023 is open until 21/03/2023

The Agroecology Europe Forum is a 3-day in-person event gathering people from all over Europe and beyond to meet in dialogue and discuss some of the most pressing issues and present solutions for today’s food systems. 

By bringing together a variety of stakeholders from various movements and territories, we aim to create synergies that set an exemplary model for facilitating the transition to agroecology in Europe, while acknowledging the global reach of the movement. Local solutions supported by favorable policies, tailored to the diverse climatic, socio-economic and cultural realities of the European continent can bring about a more climate resilient, biodiverse Europe, with environmental and social justice at its heart. 

By organising the next Agroecology Europe Forum in Hungary between 16-18th November 2023, we wish to draw the attention to the agroecological richness of the Central Eastern European region and create stronger alliances between the different actors involved in science, practice and movement.

As Agroecology is all about co-creation, we are opening up the space for your contribution and inviting our members and partner organisations to send us their proposals by Tuesday 21st March 2023 by filling out this form.

We would like to receive proposals covering the following topics, which can of course be enriched:

Theme 1: Focus on Soils

  • Living Soils: The power of agroecology for soil health and climate mitigation
  • One Health: The connection between soil and farming practices, animal and human health

Theme 2: Agroecology and Strategic Alliances

  • Agroecology’s role in building strategic alliances: the role of networks in the scaling out of Agroecology
  • What do we have in common? The parallels within agroecology, organic, regenerative agriculture and permaculture
  • True inclusivity: the importance of gender sensitivity and intersectionality within an agroecological transition
  • Connecting agroecology with other movements (Degrowth, Climate movement, etc.)

Theme 3: Challenges and Opportunities in Policy and Local Governance

  • Access to land: the importance of innovative solutions for young people and new entrants into farming
  • The first steps towards an agroecological transition
  • A common food systems approach: adopting a multi-sectoral strategy for policy development
  • Next CAP reform: Last chance to break the status quo before climate chaos?
  • Examples of local governance support in the transition to agroecology
  • What are the responses of the agroecological movement facing the rise of populism in Central and Eastern Europe?

Theme 4: Sowing the seeds for a resilient future

  • Agroecology and Digitalisation
  • Transforming education and farming extension services towards agroecology: from top-down knowledge transfer to more horizontal farmer-to-farmer approaches
  • Innovative farming techniques for enhancing the resilience of European agriculture
  • Restoring and valuing traditional Agricultural knowledge & crop varieties

Please do not hesitate to contact the Agroecology Europe’s Secretariat should you have any further questions:

We look forward to receiving your proposals!

Kind Regards,

The Agroecology Europe Forum Organising Committee