AEEU Webinar “Agroecological approaches to Soil management” held on Wednesday 11th of December 2020 in Greek on our Facebook page!

On the 11th of December 2020, Agroecology Europe and its Greek team organized a successful webinar on “Agroecological approaches to soil management”,  livestreamed on our Facebook page!

The webinar was organized by Panagiotis Papadopoulos (Agronomist – Organic farming Consultant), together with Christina Vakali (Ph.D. Organic Agriculture), and the participation of Marilena Reinhard-Kolempas (BSc. Agronomist) and  two couples of organic farmers (Alex Karatzas , Natasa Antari    from the “ECOGAIA FARM”  & Nikos Ioannou, Lilian Kuidou from “THE CHILLI FACTOR”).

After an introduction about the role of soil in agroecosystems and the Agroecological soil management practices, our guests shared their experience and practical insights (agroecological soil management best practices).

Again more than 250 individuals, including agronomists, farmers  and university students watched the webinar including more than 1300 FB interactions and 150 comments, including questions and statements were received during livestreaming in Facebook.

To watch again the full webinar, please click on the following link