Save the date – Agroecology Europe Youth Forum

First Agroecology Europe Youth Forum - 9th - 11th of September 2022

From 9th to 11th of September 2022 the first Agroecology Europe Youth Forum will take place in Rambouillet, France

The 3-days gathering be the start of a collaborative network of young agroecologists in Europe

Main objectives:

  1. Let’s gather to celebrate young engagement in agroecology and create a space of exchange between engaged and interested young people from all over Europe in order to deepen our understanding of the agroecological transformation and present job opportunities in this field.
  2. Let’s strengthen collaboration between different existing agroecological networks, exchange on experiences and lessons learned to kick-start new ideas for working together and initiating projects.
  3. Let’s engage with the practical dimension of agroecology through field visits and exchanges with young farmers and reflect on challenges, opportunities and needs of young professional agroecologists. 

More information will follow soon!


The event will be organised by the Agroecology Europe Youth Network together with  Mouvement Sillage and EURYFA