Read the Solidarity Statement drafted during the #AEEUForum2023

Beginning of the solidarity statement: 

Today, we are gathered together in Gyöngyös, Hungary, as Europeans and many other peoples from around the world, passionate about agroecology and all it entails: freedom, dignity and justice. The Nyeleni declaration is the foundation of the international agroecological movement, and at its heart is food sovereignty and a desire to fight for a world “where all peoples, nations and states are able to determine their own food production systems…where we share our lands and territories peacefully and fairly among our peoples, be we peasants, indigenous peoples, artisanal fishers, pastoralists, or others”. A world where we fight against “Wars, conflicts, occupations, economic blockades, famines, forced displacement of people and confiscation of their land, and all forces and governments that cause and support them; post disaster and conflict reconstruction programmes that destroy our environments and capacities”.

We are devastated to witness food and water used as a weapon of war, to see the destruction of cultural and agricultural heritage, traditional knowledge and the occupation of farmland, soil contamination, and the restriction of access to farmland, fisheries, and food and water in Gaza and the occupied West Bank.

As European citizens involved in the agroecology movement and human right defenders, we hereby express our solidarity and support for Palestinian people and farmers. We urge our governments to call for an immediate ceasefire and respect the fundamental tenets of human rights and sovereignty of the Palestinian peoples. We hope that all those involved in the agroecological movement find the courage to stand up to their governments to speak up for peace and justice.