International Horticultural Congress 14 – 20 August 2022

Agroecology and system approach for sustainable and resilient horticultural production

For the first time the International Horticultural Congress in August 2022 will present a Symposium dedicated to agroecology with the title ‘Agroecology and system approach for sustainable and resilient horticultural production’ (Symposium 15). Thereby offering significant opportunity to promote reflection, discussion and scientific exchange in Agroecology.


The symposium aims to disseminate the principles of agroecology; enhance participatory processes; strengthen agroecology networks; give visibility to agroecological experiences in different countries of the world at different scales; support the construction of agroecological-based knowledge to achieve resilient agri-food systems and analyze the theoretical, practical and political advances in the field of Agroecology. 


Topics : 

  • Agroecology as a socio-ecological resilience to climate change and emerging crises
  • Construction of agroecological knowledge with the different stakeholders
  • System approach and design of biodiverse agroecological systems 
  • Scaling-up from the field to the agri foodsystem 
  • Agroecological practices and agroecological transition 
  • Multicriteria evaluation of agroecological horticultural systems
  • Gender equity
  • Food systems and ecological economy
  • Political agroecology 

Co-conveners of the symposium are Maria Claudia Dussi from the Comahue National University and Sylvaine Simon from INRAE.


Submit your abstract until 15th November!