First AEEU Webinar “From Conventional Agriculture to Agroecological Practices” held on 23rd of September on our Facebook page!

Agri-Innovation Summit 2019 - "The EIP-AGRI leading the transition to agroecology" in Lisieux, France on 25-26 June 2019

On the 23rd of September 2020, Alain Peeters, Secretary General of Agroecology Europe, gave an extensive and very fruitful webinar explaining to a large audience how  to ensure a successful transition from conventional agriculture to agroecological practices.

The webinar started with  a case-study illustrating with a video how the ‘Ferme du Doyon’ ensured its transition and went through the complete process. 

Alain Peeters then presented the 11 steps to succesful change, went through the agroecologicak strategy and gave recommendations how to ensure a better farm management.

Please click here to watch again the full webinar including the case-study video of ‘Ferme du Doyon’.