European Commission presents Action Plan for the development of organic production

On the 25th of March 2021, the European Commission presented the Action Plan for the development of organic production to boost the production and consumption of organic products as well as reach 25% of agricultural land under organic farming by 2030.

The Action Plan should provide the organic sector with the right tools to achieve the 25% target and puts forward 23 actions structured around three axes:

  • Boosting consumption
  • Increasing production
  • Improving the contribution of organic farming to sustainability

The Action Plan puts forwards activities to promote consumption and boosting the demand for organic products. The plan aims at bringing organic food closer to citizens through information and communication activities as well as by increasing consumers’ trust and improving traceability.

It includes actions for networking, certifications for groups of farmers and focuses on research and innovation activities such as the use of blockchain and other technologies to improve traceability and increasing market transparency. It further aims at supporting the organisation of the food chain, reinforcing local and small-scale processing and fostering a short trade circuit. The Action Plan also addresses improving animal nutrition and reinforcing organic aquaculture.

To further improve organic farming’s sustainability, the Plan focuses on improving animal welfare, availability of organic seeds, reducing the sector’s carbon footprint and minimising the use of plastics, water and energy. At least 30% of the budget for research and innovation should be dedicated to actions in the field of agriculture, forestry and rural areas relevant to the organic sector.

The action plan encourages Member states to develop national organic action plans which will complement the national CAP strategic plans, by setting measures that go beyond agriculture and what is offered under the CAP.