Book launch – a collection of country reports mapping the development of agroecology in Europe

In the last years, Agroecology Europe started to map agroecological initiatives in different countries or regions of Europe with the aim to support the development of agroecology in Europe, raise awareness for it and thereby strengthen agroecology in Europe.

This work, namely the mapping of initiatives, writing of reports and coordination of the work has been done by members of the Agroecology Europe Youth Network.

The mapping gathers knowledge about the diversity of existing initiatives, examples, and practical cases in agroecology, as well as to advance research, and education, and supports capacity-building and skills development. The mapping activities are not foreseen to be completely exhaustive, but rather synthesising thereby providing key information to building a common understanding of agroecology, as well as its development within Europe.

In 2021 Croatia, Montenegro, Malta, Kosovo and Slovenia have been either updated or newly added to the mapped countries by Agroecology Europe. The reports created in 2021 have been collected in a book together with reports of other countries created with the same methodology in the AE4EU project.

The first volume collects country reports from 13 countries – Albania, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Germany, Greece, Italy, Kosovo, Malta, Montenegro North Macedonia and Romania.

In 2022 two new reports have been started: Ireland and Moldova which are currently being revised. Together with the report on Slovenia, the reports will be shown in a second book volume, which is currently being drafted and is planned to be published still in 2023.