Agroecological Network of Greece initiated

The Agroecological Network of Greece (Agroecology Greece) started in early 2017 through the networking of agronomists, mainly researchers and trainers. It is an initiative for the promotion of agroecology as a science, practice and movement, in Greek.

The Network is primarily focusing on agricultural sciences, extending to other scientific sectors, as well as to social & economic issues. It seeks to familiarize the Greek scientific and rural sector with the agroecological approach and to pursue the transition of food production systems to a truly sustainable state. It considers that the Greek rural territory hugely possesses such transition dynamics, due to favorable characteristics like small-scale ownership, Mediterranean pedoclimatic conditions, traditional agricultural knowledge and rich agricultural diversity, which can provide robust adaptation of agroecological principles and practices.

paysage-vertSpecifically, aims of the Agroecological Network of Greece are:
i) to network researchers and trainers, mainly related to the agricultural sector, for the exchange of knowledge and research results;
ii) to provide information on the topic of Agroecology in Greek;
iii) to produce and collect informative & training material;
iv) to organize respective events and
v) to network with relevant international networks & organizations.

Agroecology is perceived to be an emerging concept in the field of agricultural sciences and beyond, defined as the application of ecological concepts and principles for the design and management of truly sustainable food production systems. It has an interdisciplinary identity and a systemic approach based on the production of knowledge, while it tends towards a unifying, repetitive and holistic perspective. Agroecological principles embrace a wide range of practices and fields of application, holding significant synergies with other paradigms in the field of sustainable agriculture, that offer alternative structures to the predominant pattern and impact of industrial agriculture, such as organic and biodynamic farming, permaculture, as well as with the approaches of agroforestry and multifunctionality in agriculture. The basic concepts of agroecology are also consistent with the imperatives of food security & sovereignty and sustainability of rural areas, beholding a major potential role for increasing the resilience of agricultural ecosystems and communities to environmental and climate pressures.
For further information please visit the web-platform, providing all relevant information, material and contact & networking details