AEEU introductory webinar on ‘Exploring the 13 principles of Agroecology” held on 6th of October 2021 in zoom and on our facebook page

Agroecology is a dynamic concept that has gained prominence in scientific, agricultural and political discourse in recent years. It is increasingly promoted as being able to contribute to transforming food systems by applying ecological principles to agriculture and ensuring a regenerative use of natural resources andecosystem services while also addressing the need for socially equitable food systems within which people can exercise choice over what they eat and how and where it is produced.
Agroecology embraces a science, a set of practices and a social movement and has evolved over recent decades to expand in scope from a focus on fields and farms to encompass whole agriculture and food systems. It now represents a transdisciplinary field that includes all the ecological, sociocultural, technological,economic and political dimensions of food systems, from production to consumption.
In this introductory webinar of the Month of Agroecology, we have explored the 13 principles of agroecology and discussed how they can represent an operational framework for the agroecological transition in Europe and worldwide.
Mrs. Paola Migliorini, President of Agroecology Europe moderated the discussion between Mrs. Rachel Bezner Kerr, Mr. Fergus Sinclair and Mr. Alexander Wezel, three team members of the High Level Panel of Experts for Food Security and Nutrition Project – the foremost international science-policy interface of the Committee on World Food Security.