Watch the video interview of Alain Peeters, Vice-President of Agroecology Europe on NOWMORE on the reduction of pesticides use

The European Commission released the long-awaited draft Regulation on the use of pesticides in the EU.

The proposal includes a binding goal to reduce this use by 50% by 2030. But do we need pesticides at all? What are the alternatives to conventional farming?  Watch the interview with Alain Peeters, Vice-President of Agroecology Europe to learn:  

–  What agroecology actually is? Is it a nostalgic movement or is it based on science?

– Can it provide enough food for Europe?

– Is it the same as organic farming?

– Does the recent proposal answer the needs of farmers and the environment?

NOWMORE Questions are the interview series on European affairs with thought leaders, stakeholders and civil society.