Save the date – 7th edition of the Forum Origin, Diversity et Territories – Dec 2019 in Lausanne


The Forum ODT, whose thematic this year is “Agroecology: multiple transition of territories”, invites you to take part in an in-depth look at the territorial transition processes that link the quality agricultural and agri-food production sectors in territories in agro-ecological and social transition. Several angles of this theme will be addressed in workshops dealing with the following topics:

  1. Agroecology, citizen demand and marketing methods
  2. Biological and cultural diversities in relation to agroecology in agricultural and food systems and in ecological, social and solidarity transitions

The protection and promotion of agroecological products that are connected with their territory

  1. The response of GIs and territorial labels to the citizen’s demand for an ecological transition: greening or “green-washing”?
  2. The transformations of food systems (agricultural and industrial) induced by agroecology
  3. Biological processes and social networks of the agroecological transition

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