Read the Youth Manifesto “Affordable sustainable food at the heart of our Future” : The importance of making sustainable food accessible to Youth

The Agroecology Europe Youth Network together with 12 European youth organisations  urge the EU to make sustainable and healthy food the most affordable option in this Manifesto.

This manifesto includes a combination of recommendations based on scientific evidence and testimonies from young people from all over Europe.

A study conducted with 87 young people highlighted that the increased prices of sustainable food, together with low accessibility and awareness, represented a main barrier to the adoption of healthy and sustainable diets.

We are united in the vision of a secure and sustainable future which is not possible without radically changing our food system. This is why we ask the European Commission to present an ambitious proposal for a strong SFS Law
by September and the Parliament and the EU Member States to support the process for the transformation of our food systems” concludes the Manifesto.