new policy brief from AE4EU : 10 steps to achieve the european green deal

The European Green Deal is a monumental step in achieving a greener and more sustainable Europe, filled with promising targets which aim to culminate in no net emissions of greenhouse gases by 2050 and economic growth decoupled from resource use. It establishes great potential for a fairer economy, the revitalisation of rural areas and sustainability. Yet, the roadmap on how to actualise such targets has yet to be realised.

This policy brief provides a roadmap, by giving recommendations for 10 concrete steps that can be taken to achieve the European Green Deal through agroecology, especially the Biodiversity and Farm to Fork Strategies. It will focus on many of the technical aspects, as well as on research, social responsibilities and responsible governance. Each step is to be considered as a whole, rather than individually, as many steps require the other in order to create true transformation.

Authors: Jesse Donham and Alexander Wezel, AE4EU