Extend the dialog between health, nutrition, ecology, trade and agriculture actors

Regional Symposium on Agroecology for Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems in Europe and Central Asia.

Agroecology is based on principles such as biomass recycling, circular system of food production, soil health and preservation, natural inputs (sun radiation, air, water and nutrients) optimization, loss minimization, conserve biological and genetic diversity and enforcement of biological interactions in agroecosystem components.

It relies on a localised value chain, locally-available natural resources and knowledge, with a strong focus on participatory action research to achieve context-specific and socially-accepted innovations within farming systems. It is multi-disciplinary, drawing on agronomy, ecology, economy and social sciences and therefore developing agroecological programmes and policies requires a multistakeholder approach bringing together agriculture, environment and social perspectives. Agroecology can make an important contribution to the transition to more sustainable food systems. Its practices, research and policies have seen exponential growth worldwide in the last decade.

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