Young Farmers for the future !

European & pan-European Youth Forum – 16th – 17th of April 2019 Hosman village, Transylvania, Romania

With the occasion of the International Day of Peasants’ Struggle, up to 34 young small-scale farmers from 34 countries will converge from all over Europe for a series of meetings, debates, workshops and knowledge sharing activities on how the future agriculture would look like through the eyes of youth: topics under discussion will be sustainable farming, agroecology, food sovereignty, market access, access to land and natural resources…and any other topic you find valuable! 

Young farmers of today are creating the basis of tomorrow’s agriculture: working together we can shape our future! 

We aim to constitute an action plan for young farmers all around Europe and a road map to address European policymakers: together, we can share fears and hopes, needs and demands, aspirations and complaints, build networks, enrich knowledge and propose practical solutions. 

Collective action is what European fields need!