Agroecology for healthier diets and sustainable food systems – Month of agroecology 2022

During the second edition of the Month of Agroecology 2022, which will be held from the 17th of October to the 18th of November, Agroecology Europe will draw on collective solutions and create pathways of reflection to instigate a change in our dietary patterns and allow a space for them to be the driving force we need for the transition. Agroecology is indeed the way to healthier, more sustainable and fairer food systems!

A large number of issues will be addressed around this core topic during the Month of Agroecology through several webinars, interviews with key experts, articles and videos to exchange, learn and build together the future of more sustainable farming and food systems.


  • Transforming dietary patterns for the agroecological transition in Europe: how to achieve the protein transition?

The webinar will address the issue of the necessary rebalancing of intakes between animal and plant proteins, their quality, and supply chains. In this webinar, we will be pleased to welcome experts from the International Panel of Experts on Sustainable Food Systems (IPES-Food) who will present the recently released report “Politics of Proteins”, from the Institute for Sustainable Development and International Relations (IDRRI) who published the TYFA Ten Years for Agroecology scenario and a representative from the European Coordination La Via Campesina (ECVC) organisation.

27th of October, 17:00 – 18:30 (CEST) – Registration link will follow soon

  • The Webinar “From Science to Action: How to use health benefits of food cultivated with agroecological practices to accelerate the food transition in the EU?”

During the webinar experts from the Coalition of Health professionals for Regenerative Agriculture will bridge the gap between nutrition and agriculture and present how agroecology can contribute to a one health approach integrating humans, animals and ecosystems.

The date and registration will be announced soon!

Video interview

A video interview with MEP Benoit Biteau (Greens/EFA) to learn more about the current EU policy agenda and opportunities to promote fair, healthy and environmentally friendly food systems will be published. 


Different articles and a factsheet will be shared about the importance of reintegrating legumes in the fields and on our plates presenting traditional legume recipes from all over Europe.

We are delighted to announce that this Month of Agroecology is organised simultaneously with the Days of Agroecology organised by the network Agroecology Works. We will have the pleasure to share their activities throughout our channels as well! To stay up to date on this and other agroecological initiatives, consider following Agroecology Europe on social media, with the #MonthofAgroecology2022 and #AgroecologyWorks.

(c) Illustrations: Dorottya Poór