Agroecology for Europe Hub & Map

The Agroecology for Europe Hub is finally connected to the Agroecology Map of initiatives across Europe! The Agroecology for Europe Hub, developed within the Horizon2020 project Agroecology for Europe (AE4EU), is a virtual space to connect all actors interested or involved in agroecology. The Hub’s vision is to develop a European network on agroecology. Encouraging networking and knowledge exchange, the Hub enables users to connect digitally with other experts, share insights and best practices on Living Labs, farming practices, funding opportunities, and policy strategies, learn from each other’s experiences, and inspire innovation and new ways of working in agroecology.

Discover agroecological initiatives in your area and interact with them! The initiatives on the map were part of the mapping effort of AE4EU and are categorised according to the agroecological pillar they represent: science, practice, movement, education, Living Lab.

Join the network! Create your profile page on the Hub to be visible on the map, and start sharing your valuable content on agroecology!

The Hub was developed by the University of Gastronomic Sciences Pollenzo (UNISG) and from 2024 will be managed by Agroecology Europe (AEEU) thanks to the LIFE operating grant of the European Union.