AEEU Webinar “From Conventional Agriculture to Agroecological Practices” held on Thursday 22nd of October in Greek on our Facebook page!

On the 22nd of October 2020, the Greek team of Agroecology Europe organised a webinar “From Conventional Agriculture to Agroecological Practices” in Greek on our facebook page ! 

The webinar was organised by Dr. Vassilis Gkisakis, Agronomist, together with the participation of Mrs. Chrysoula Skorditi, Organic farmer and President of the Organic farmers Union of Northern Greece, as well as Mr. Panayotis Papadopoulos, agronomist MSc.

More than 300 individuals, including farmers, as well as agronomists and university students, applied for participation to the webinar and more than 100 comments, including questions and statements were received during livestreaming in Facebook.

This event was successful in introducing the concept of Agroecology to the Greek audience.

To watch again the full webinar, please click on the following link.