International agroecology Short course – May 2nd to 5th in Italy

An international Agroecology short course will be held from May 2nd to 5th, 2018 at Centre “Climate Change and Biodiversity of Lakes and Wetlands” in Polvese Island, Lake Trasimeno, Umbria (Italy)

Agroecology represents this paradigm: a dialogue of wisdoms between traditional agricultural knowledges and modern agricultural sciences that uses ecological concepts and principles for the design and management of sustainable agroecosystems where external inputs are replaced by natural processes.
Course for who ? 
Scholars, students, farmers, practitioners and anyone interested in learning more about agroecology and its applications to the design of more ecologically sound, biodiverse, resilient, sustainable, and socially just food systems in the Mediterranean region.
The students will gain the theoretical and practical foundations needed to design an agriculture that ensures food security, conserves natural resources, and provides ecological services in the face of ongoing climate variability and change.
Please see online flyer with updated registration info (deadline 15 March 2018) and program: