Agroecology is considered jointly as a science, a practice and a social movement . It encompasses the whole food system from the soil to the organization of human societies. It is value-laden and based on core principles.

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The Association intends to place agroecology high on the European agenda of sustainable development of farming and food systems. It intends to foster interactions between actors in science, practice and social movements, by facilitating knowledge sharing and action.

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The Association has a non-profit and international goal. The society aims to analyse, design, develop and promote the transition towards agroecology-based farming and food systems. The overall goal of the Association is to: support agroecological research, education and training.

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    NEW ! The english version of “Better and Different ! Transforming Food Systems through Agroecology “

    The focus of this brochure : We are sceptical of agroindustrial corporations and, instead, call for agriculture based on peasant farming systems. Our approach defends diversity against monoculture and gives local markets priority over the global market. We argue against the oil and chemicals dependency of today’s agriculture and advocate the use of worms, insects and animals. Agroecological approaches not only mimic nature; they are also better for people – as diverse workers, self-employed producers, and market participants and buyers of processed goods. At its best, agroecology reveals what Old Latin always knew: that a secret connection exists between humus and humanum.

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    German version : Mit Agrarökologie die Ernährungswende gestalten

    Bei der Agrarökologie geht es nicht nur um eine Landwirtschaft, mit der der Einsatz von Pestiziden und Düngemitteln verringert, Pflanzenreste recycelt und biologische Prozesse für den Anbau von Lebensmitteln nutzbar gemacht werden. Die Agrarökologie stellt eine bestimmte Sichtweise auf unser Verhältnis zur Natur dar…

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    Scoop it – Agroecology

    Compilation of recent international news and press releases in Agroecology (in English and French).

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    Agroecology Publications

    Some recent publications in Agroecology.

    • Wezel, A. (2017). Agroecological practices for sustainable agriculture: principles, applications, and making the transition. World Scientific, New Jersey, USA, 485 p.
    • Benkeblia, N. (Ed.) 2015. Agroecology, Ecosystems and Sustainability. Taylor and Francis, Boca Raton, Forida, USA, 393 p.
    • Dumont, A.M., Vanloqueren, G., Stassart, P.M., Bareta, P.V. 2016. Clarifying the socioeconomic dimensions of agroecology: between principles and practices Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems 40 (1): 24-47.
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Feedback on the European Forum of Agroecology

Agroecology is a paradigm and perception shift

From 25 to 27 October 2017, Lyon, France, the first Forum of the Agroecology Europe Association, was hosted by ISARA.

It has been a time of gathering, sharing and discussing among the actors who animate the agroecology movement to build a common understanding for the future of food and agriculture in Europe and in the world.


Lancement de formation en Agroécologie par Agrotopia

agrotopiaLancement de formations en Agroécologie  par AGROTOPIA asbl

Les formations en français d’AGROTOPIA en agroécologie. C’est parti !! Ces formations s’adressent en priorité à des porteurs de projets, de diverses compétences, qui veulent démarrer un projet de production, de transformation et/ou de commercialisation de produits sains et de qualité. Elles sont destinées à de jeunes diplômés ou à des personnes qui ont le sentiment que leur métier ne leur convient plus.