Sunday 04 February 2018, 14:00 – Thessaloniki, Greece
Join the event of the Agroecological Network of Greece ( “Agroecology, for the transition towards truly sustainable food systems” to be held in the Agrotica fair 2018,
Location : “Nikolaos Germanos” Congress Centre, Hall D.
The event will present the concept of Agroecology and the aims and actions of the Greek Agroecological Network.
Speeches of the event:
1. Agroecology and sustainable food systems
V. Gkisakis, Dr. agronomist-researcher
2. The importance of agrobiodiversity
C. Vakali, Dr. agronomist – organic farmer
3.  Organic farming as part of the agroecological paradigm
P. Papadopoulos, agronomist
4.  Case studies of agroecological management application
Κ. Papazoglou, agronomist